Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Guidelines for Safe Relationships at Camp 

Christian camping is about providing a safe and nurturing place to experience God, nature, and others. Strive to set a camp culture of safety where affirmation, encouragement, and good touch happens and where community is built. There is no place for bullying, harassment, isolation, inappropriate touch, or hurtful teaching. Realize you are in a position of power over the campers because of your size, age, and position. Campers will look to you as a model of appropriate behavior. You will likely not know much about where campers come from. Campers may have current or past experiences with abuse, neglect, or bullying. Their home lives may be fraught with violence or unhealthy boundaries. Campers may not have a healthy sense of personal space or boundaries, and they may not be able to regulate appropriately. Remember that unhealthy interactions may be between individuals of the same or different genders.

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Dove's Nest's mission is to empower and equip faith communities to keep children and youth safe in their homes, churches, and communities. "Let the children come to me. Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children"  (Luke 18:16 NLT).