Circle of Grace for Mennonite Church USA Congregations

A generous donation has made Circle of Grace available to any Mennonite entity, including congregations and schools, free of charge for 10 years, beginning July 2011.

Complete the form below today to request your copy of Circle of Grace. (Or, click here to obtain a printable form that you can complete and mail in.)

Congregations and schools are invited to make a $20 contribution to offset distribution, training, and postage costs. Write check out to Dove's Nest and send to 5723 N 99th St, Omaha, NE 68134. You can also contribute online HERE

In-person training is available (travel expenses requested).

For more information or to request a training, contact Kathy Haake by e-mail: Kathy [at]


Circle of Grace Request Form

Downloading from the internet can be faster and make it easier to share with your teachers.