Fees/Honorariums and Payment Directions

As a nonprofit, charitable organization, Dove’s Nest relies on donations to fund our work. Many organizations have requested guidance regarding fees/honoraria for various purposes. We offer the following suggestions:

Event Type      Suggested Fee/Honorarium Range
Sunday School Class/Bible Study    $100–$150
Sermon      $150–$250
One-Hour Seminar/Training  $150–$250
90-Minute Seminar/Training $250$350
Two-Hour Seminar/Training $250–$400
All-Day Seminar/Training (6–8 Hours)  $550$750
Panel with Dove's Nest Speaker & Community Agency Reps $350$400
“Ministry Moment” (5–10 Minutes during Worship)    Free Will Offering
38-Min Teacher Training Video $75 one-time fee
38-Min Teacher Training Video plus 1 hour Live Zoom Training $200 one-time fee
Other Services  
Protection Policy Consultation    $75100/hour
Amish and Old Order Mennonite Child Safety Training  contact kathy [at] dovesnest.net

Fees/honoraria are negotiable. If the fee/honoraria is likely to prevent the event from occurring, 
please contact Dove’s Nest.

1. Payment can be made through our secure website link, dovesnest.net/donate, or by check. Checks should be made payable to “Dove’s Nest” and mailed to the following address:

Dove’s Nest
P.O. Box 1253
Goshen, IN 46527

2. If the event takes place during public worship, Dove’s Nest requests that the hosting faith community consider a free-will offering or offer the opportunity for designated gifts to Dove’s Nest during the regular weekly offering.

3. Fees/honoraria for events outside of those listed above shall be negotiated at the time of request.

Travel Reimbursement 

The hosting organization is responsible for travel costs, including mileage, lodging, airfare, and meals (those not provided on-site). Mileage shall be paid at the rate of 35 cents per mile or the cost of airfare, whichever is lower. Payment arrangements are the same as those for honoraria and other fees (see above).

1. The speaker may welcome overnight and meal accommodations in a church member’s home. Please let the event coordinator know if this is an option. 

2. Dove’s Nest will seek to keep travel costs as low as possible. Every effort will be made to consolidate travel if multiple individuals are required to travel. In cases where that is not possible, it may be the hosting organization’s responsibility to pay mileage for more than one individual.

Click here for PDF of the 2021 guidelines.