Code of Ethics for Sunday School Teachers

By Beth Swagman

Neffsville Mennonite Church in Pennsylvania produced a Children’s Ministry Handbook in addition to their Child, Youth, and Vulnerable Adult Safety Policy and Volunteer Protection document this year.

From this accessible handbook comes this Code of Ethics, which is a wonderful guide for all of us working with children.

  1. My first priority in leading children will be to seek the welfare of the child physically, socially, educationally and spiritually.

  2. I will try to understand and respect the child’s cultural background.

  3. I will not do anything that will damage the child’s trust. I will protect the child from all forms of abuse while he or she is in my care.

  4. If I wish to talk to the child alone, it will be within sight and sound of other people.

  5. I will work with the children to set some agreed guidelines for acceptable behavior within the group. I will expect the children to act on the basis of those guidelines and if a child consistently breaks them, I will seek help from parents and others to assist me in responding to the child.

  6. I will pray for each child regularly.