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Me, Too

By Janet Lynn Kroeker

Have you ever been awakened in the middle of the night by someone banging on your door yelling loudly, “Are you okay, are you okay?” This was a first for me. My upstairs neighbor had probably heard me screaming for someone to help me through our poorly-insulated walls and been startled awake. After a brief apologetic explanation she returned to her home, assured that I was safe. I went back to bed and lay wide awake until I rose at morning light.

Reporting Sexual Abuse

By Glen Guyton, COO of Mennonite Church USA and Dove's Nest Speaker's Bureau Member

Maybe nothing better illustrates the need for clear boundary lines than the hymn by Thomas H. Troeger,

“God marked a line and told the sea, its surging tides and waves were free to travel up the sloping strand, but not to overtake the land.”

Even in nature, we see that by design God created natural barriers to protect various aspects of His creation. They say good fences make good neighbors and I say healthy boundaries make healthy ministries.