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Dove's Nest Blog

Greetings from Nancy Major—Dove's Nest's New Executive Director

Greetings, new friends!

These past few weeks have been a warm and welcoming time as I have been getting acclimated to all-things-Dove’s Nest. During my first week, our wonderful board president and prior interim executive director, Nancy Kauffmann, graciously opened her lovely home in Goshen, Indiana, to provide me with in-depth and personal onboarding and orientation.

Synergy with Schools

By Samuel Voth Schrag, Dove's Nest's Board Treasurer Children in Circle

As a Sunday School teacher I’ve gotten to teach the Circle of Grace curriculum to all different ages. I really appreciate the image of a Circle of Grace around the children in my congregation. And as a parent I’ve found it very useful in helping my children negotiate their relationship and how they can think about their own sometimes rough-and-tumble play. 

A Covenant of Caring

By Nancy Kauffmann, Dove’s Nest’s Interim Executive Director

Many churches have put in place child/youth protection policies to create safe environments to protect children and youth from abuse. After taking this is wonderful step, what can a congregation do as follow-up to keep their commitment to child safety front and center?