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Dove's Nest Blog

6 Ways for Safer Sunday School This Fall

By Anna Groff

In addition to ordering Sunday school curriculum and buying supplies for classrooms, take a few moments to consider steps to ensure safety for the Sunday school students at your church this fall. Equipping teachers with the information and tools they need ahead of time can go a long way in supporting a healthy environment for all. Dove’s Nest is here to serve your church. Additional materials can be found on our website.  

Listen to the Weeping Child

Listen to the weeping of the innocent and hurting
Hiding in their shame for something someone else has done.
Wondering whom to turn to who will understand their terror,
Fearing it’s not over but has likely just begun.

Somewhere in a darkened room, a little girl is crying,

My Daughter's Circle of Grace at McDonald's

By Anna Groff

Last month, I took my two daughters to McDonald’s to play in the play area and get some ice cream. We needed to get out of the house, and it was too dark for the park. While I was in the parking lot getting them out of their car seats, a security guard alerted us that we might want to use the drive-through, as there was a man inside “tweaking out” on meth. I thanked him and said we’d head to another McDonald’s up the road.

Your Support Has Kept Kids Safe for a Decade!

Ten-year-old Kylie has been thriving—protected and safe—in her church family ever since her earliest days in the church nursery thanks, in part, to you. Your generous support for Dove’s Nest during our first decade provided training on the very best ways to keep kids safe to Kylie's Sunday school teachers and her whole church. You gave that gift of safety to Kylie’s church and to children in faith communities across North America.