Your Support Has Kept Kids Safe for a Decade!

Ten-year-old Kylie has been thriving—protected and safe—in her church family ever since her earliest days in the church nursery thanks, in part, to you. Your generous support for Dove’s Nest during our first decade provided training on the very best ways to keep kids safe to Kylie's Sunday school teachers and her whole church. You gave that gift of safety to Kylie’s church and to children in faith communities across North America.

Thanks to you, this year we celebrated a big increase in churches with child protection policies. In 2010, half of churches responding to our survey had a protection policy. In 2018, three-fourths of responding churches did! Your support means we can provide resources to address the issues churches face, such as appropriate touch, childhood trauma, positive parenting, adolescent-on-adolescent abuse, healthy boundaries, and more. After our trainings, we’ve heard caring church leaders say they will:

  • ask before I hug a child.
  • make sure to have a second adult in the Sunday school room when I teach.
  • update my church’s protection policy.
  • be more likely to report abuse/neglect at my work.

Your generous gifts allow us to train in churches regardless of what the church can afford and even when the honorariums they provide for our services do not cover our expenses. Even though Dove’s Nest receives no denominational funding, because of donors like you we are entering our 10th year serving children like Kylie. We know the safety of children is a priority to you, and we can’t do this work without you. Will you please make a gift to support Dove’s Nest today? Here is how your contribution helps children stay safe:

$40 covers the cost of a training video for Sunday school teachers
$65 covers a license for the Circle of Grace curriculum for kids
$100 covers a two-hour consultation on writing and implementing a child protection policy
$350 covers a two-hour training for adult volunteers working with children and youth
$750 covers a full-day training for adult volunteers working with children and youth
$1,000 assists us in planning a conference, like our 2018 Empowering Women and Girls event 

Gifts can be made online at or by check, payable to:

Dove’s Nest
5723 N 99th St
Omaha, NE 68134  

Thanks to you, so far in 2018 alone Dove’s Nest provided 20 trainings reaching 970 people representing over 45 faith communities and agencies. With your help, we can equip even more churches in 2019!

On behalf of Kylie and all the little children loved by God, we thank you for your prayers and support.