Resting in Shalom


I live in South-Central Elkhart, Indiana, once a vibrant and safe African American community—a community where everyone looked out for each other. In the wake of our new crisis, I find myself dreaming of what our community used to be and how we can get back to it.

Recently, leaders in my church decided we should open our building to families without access to Wi-Fi at home. Because our schools have switched from in-person to e-learning, many of our neighborhood’s low-income families cannot provide the basic tools that children need to thrive during these times.

Even as I write this, an awareness comes to the forefront of my mind: even without the pandemic—our children have not been thriving in the current educational model. Might this be our chance to try something new?

This picture is of my grandson, Prince Emery Curry, born just two months ago. Little Prince reminds me to hope and work for a better life for all the new Princes and Princesses. Together, we can fight for new families, neighborhoods, churches, nations, and a world that will allow these little ones to grow up in confidence and security—where all can rest in God’s shalom. 

Cyneatha Millsaps is director of Mennonite Women USA and a Dove's Nest board member.

First published in “A Time Such As This,” Rejoice!, Mennomedia, 2020