Resources for Junior Youth and Youth

Dove’s Nest’s website, which provides numerous resources and curriculum sets regarding abuse, is a starting point as we consider educating youth about sexuality and safety. But what other tools are out there, particularly for high schoolers?

Here’s a wide-ranging list for churches to consider:

Body and Soul Boxed Set: Healthy Sexuality and the People of God, available through MennoMedia (2010). This is a set of materials that can be used for a congregational series on sexuality. The boxed set includes a separate guide for the coordinator, worship leader, adult study leader, and youth study leader. Also included are a parents' book, Nurturing Healthy Sexuality at Home; a book of essays, Sexuality: God's Gift (second edition); and a Christian education book for families, Created by God: Tweens, Faith, and Human Sexuality (see more below). The guides can also be purchased individually.

Circle of Grace (2013) is a safe environment curriculum that helps to form and educate children and youth about the value of positive relationships with God and others. The Circle of Grace curriculum teaches children and youth how to identify and maintain appropriate physical, emotional, spiritual, and sexual boundaries; recognize when boundary violations are about to occur; and demonstrate how to take action when boundaries are threatened or violated. E-mail info [at] for information about how to receive this curriculum.

Created by God Student Book: Tweens, Faith, and Human Sexuality by James H. Ritchie, Jr., Abingdon Press (2010). This resource has a Student Book and a Parent’s Guide. It is designed for use between a parent and child (ten to twelve years old), but it can be successfully used in Sunday school classes as well.

Dive: Devotions for Deeper Living by Cindy Massanari Breeze, Herald Press (2012). This is a devotional book for junior youth and youth covering more than 150 topics, many of which are relevant to developing healthy relationships. It can be used as a devotional book for individuals or used in family devotions, for Sunday school class material and discussions, or material for launching discussions between mentor/mentee pairs.

God’s Gift of Sex: Fast Lane for Junior Youth, MennoMedia (2005). This five-session study helps junior youth get beyond media messages and think about sexuality in ways that are biblical and healthy. Through sensitive discussion, fun dramatizations of Bible stories, and thought-provoking handouts, God’s Gift of Sex upholds God’s ideals of marriage, honest relationships, and respect. It also helps kids begin to deal with issues of abuse, date rape, and peer pressure.