Guidelines for Interactions Between Adults and Children

The following is an example of one church's guidelines for touch. Each church and faith community will need to create their own list that fits their community. Used by permission from Germantown Mennonite Church's Child Protection Plan (2014).

(1) Use appropriate hugs and touches that are reassuring or comforting, not uncomfortable or hurtful.
(2) Avoid total body-to-body hugs and never kiss on the lips. Never touch private parts, except in approved cases of diapering.
(3) Use warm, caring verbal comments.
(4) Do not use demeaning or blaming comments, verbal put-downs, hurtful discipline or corporal punishment.
(5) Use constructive, age-appropriate discipline suited to the behavior and the child.
(6) Do not withhold food as a form of discipline.
(7) Be aware of and sensitive to what makes a child feel uncomfortable.
(8) Respect a child/youth's refusal of affection.