Dove's Nest Provides New Resources for 2018

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month in the United States. Dove's Nest encourages faith communities to take time during April to consider the plight of abused children and find practical methods to end child abuse and neglect in the communities where they live, work, and worship. Dove's Nest has developed the following resources to assist congregations during Child Abuse Prevention Month 2018.

  • 2018 Bulletin Insert by David Orr [doc] [pdf] that includes a prayer and a short reflection on abuse prevention and what #MeToo means for child protection in faith communities.

  • A brief set of updated PowerPoint Slides for 2018 drawing attention to child abuse prevention for congregations using projection technology. 

  • Promotional Information about two excellent educational tools available to assist faith communities in developing and implementing child and youth protection policies as well as understanding proper boundaries and what to do when those boundaries are violated:
    • Let the Children Come: Preparing Faith Communities to End Child Abuse and Neglect (Jeanette Harder, Herald Press, 2010). The audience for this book is Christians who are concerned about the safety and well-being of children. Church educators will be able to use this book to lead adult Sunday school classes on the role of our faith communities in ending child abuse and neglect. Church denominations will want to use this book as they raise awareness and provide training on the prevention of child abuse and neglect.
    • Circle of Gracea Christian safe environment curriculum that helps to form and educate children and youth about the value of positive relationships with God and others. 

  • 2018 Internet Resource List of available websites offering help and information about child abuse prevention.

blue ribbon"Child Abuse Prevention Month is an excellent opportunity for congregations and church leaders to discuss the church's role in preventing and ending child abuse and neglect," said Dove's Nest cofounder, Dr. Jeanette Harder. "Dove's Nest is available to resource and assist congregations with achieving that goal."

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