Church Service Laments Sexual Violence

On October 20, East Goshen Mennonite Church (Indiana) held a service, "Lamenting Sexual Violence," as part of their series "Do You See This Woman?"

This service engaged 2 Samuel 13:1–20—the story of Amnon's rape of Tamar—which calls us to confront the challenging and painful reality of sexual violence. 

Dove's Nest speaker Brenda Yoder led the Circle of Grace meditation during the the children's time and a moment in mission highlighting Dove's Nest resources for church leaders, parents, and children.

While planning this service, Pastor Naomi Yoder reached out to Brenda for consultation on how to address this important topic in appropriate and victim-centered ways.

"While we are asking East Goshen members to dwell with discomfort throughout this series, we never want to ask them to compromise their boundaries or emotional and spiritual well-being," wrote Pastor Naomi Yoder. "We entrust this topic and our engagement with it to the ceaseless care and compassion of God, whose steadfast love endures forever."