New Zoom Training Available! 

COVID-19 and Safety: This training addresses the unique vulnerability of children and youth during COVID-19 and what your church can do to prevent harm and support families during this challenging time. It also includes best practices and safety tips for Zoom and virtual kids' programming for churches. 
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Kids Need Circle of Grace More Than Ever; Here's How to Teach it Virtually 

During this pandemic, children are at risk for online abuse, for suicidal ideation, and for mental health concerns. This fall is the time to prioritize this instruction for all ages. While we fully acknowledge that this curriculum cannot replace professional interventions, Circle of Grace is a wonderful reminder to children that God loves their entire selves and wants them to be safe—and that their Sunday school teachers and adults at their church care about their whole lives too!

Tech Tips for Zooming with Kids

To ensure that your online Sunday school classes and other activities using Zoom go as smoothly as possible, try to follow these guidelines ... Show your love for children by positioning your device so the webcam is at the same level as your eyes. They don’t want to look up your nose or down on top of your head!
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Best Practices When Working with Youth During a Pandemic

In this season, where COVID-19 compels congregations to gather virtually, many adults are wondering what that looks like for youth ministry. What boundaries are appropriate? The Yale Youth Ministry Institute has compiled these recommendations for your consideration as you develop your own policy of church safety practices for virtual gatherings. 

Involving Children in the (Virtual) Worshipping Community
Virtual Worship

In March, as houses of worship were responding to the COVID-19 outbreak, my congregation scrambled to discover ways to worship without gathering in person. We hoped that the entire worshipping community would experience a smooth transition from worship in the sanctuary to worship at home. For adults, we trust that worship will feel right through the familiar weave of music, prayer, scripture, and sermon. But for children?


New Online Sermon Resource! 

Online Training

Bring a Dove's Nest speaker to your faith communityvirtually! In this time when so many churches are meeting online, Dove's Nest is excited to be able to offer a new sermon / short training resource. Creating Safety for Children and Vulnerable Adults provides tips on how to make our churches safe spaces, including information about caring for each other during the COVID-19 pandemic and resources available to aid in prevention efforts and help support survivors. Read more.

Are the Kids Okay During the Pandemic? 

11 Ways to Keep Children and Youth Safe While They’re at Home


Children and youth need protection now more than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to school closures, economic stress, and unmet childcare needs, leaving many parents in a lurch. It’s not surprising that child abuse, neglect, and domestic violence are predicted to increase ... Read more.