Anna Groff to Transition from Dove's Nest to Goshen College Faculty

After almost six years of service, Anna Groff submitted her resignation to the Dove’s Nest board of directors on July 26, 2021. She will begin as assistant professor of communication at Goshen College in Indiana this fall.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to lead Dove’s Nest these past six years,” says Groff. “I learned so much about education, awareness, and advocacy from board, staff, and volunteers. I am humbled by the many churches and individuals that supported our work and who bravely prioritized children’s safety. The position was enriching even during the complicated situations of abuse response.”

Dove's Nest has eight members serving on its board of directors. Nancy Kauffmann, a founding member, serves as board chair. “Anna was a wonderful blessing to Dove’s Nest,” says Kauffmann. “She brought many skills, creativity, and passion to her work. In many ways, she embodied the mission of Dove’s Nest. Her collaborative and passionate spirit encouraged and inspired others for the work of ‘assisting faith communities in keeping children and youth safe.’ She will be greatly missed, but the board stands behind her in accepting this new opportunity in her journey. Goshen College is getting a gem.”

With support and assistance from Dove’s Nest’s board and staff, Groff grew the size and scope of trainings and topics, increased the number of Speaker Bureau’s members, strengthened the organization’s communication and web presence, created online and video trainings, and started a consultation service for policies and situations.

Along with other staff, Groff worked with Dr. Jeanette Harder, Dove’s Nest cofounder and board member, to provide cultural awareness trainings to social services in areas with Plain Communities. Dove’s Nest also facilitated the Safe Children Project, a partnership with Plain Community members to distribute For the Safe of a Child: Love, Safety and Abuse in our Plain Communities (a book by Harder and Allen Hoover) to over 46,000 Plain Community families.

“The Dove’s Nest board believes deeply in our work and has always been a proactive and creative group of people that will be an asset during this transition time,” said Kauffmann. “We will work on next steps to continue to live into our mission. We are continuing to offer resources, trainings, and consultations, which have been an area of growth for us despite the pandemic.”

Kathy Haake will continue in her role as associate director of Dove’s Nest. She has served Dove’s Nest in various capacities since 2012 and has coordinated training events across North America. 

Dove’s Nest began as a grassroots movement among concerned Mennonites at the 2009 Mennonite Church USA convention. In early 2012, the Dove’s Nest board made the decision to broaden the scope beyond Mennonite churches to further fulfill the organization's mission to equip faith communities to keep children and youth safe.