After Dove's Nest Training, Church Stops Pastor's Abuse

Dove’s Nest led a child protection plan training and introduced the Circle of Grace curriculum to a church in the Midwest in 2014. Two years later, the new pastors discovered that the previous pastor was sexually abusing his niece; he had been doing so for six years, beginning when she was five years old.

Thankfully, he was stopped. The church’s child protection committee followed the plan they had put in place with Dove’s Nest two years prior. The new pastors contacted authorities and reported the abuse. The former pastor was arrested in 2016, and the child is now safe and protected.

A friend of Dove’s Nest and member of this congregation wrote to us this summer. “When the new pastors took over the church, they were unaware of what had happened. [Former leadership] knew and never reported it to the authorities ... I would like to thank God for the pastors for doing what is right, despite all the difficulties it brought.”

While we know in theory that our curriculum and protection plans keep children and youth safe, it is concrete stories like this that bolster our efforts at Dove’s Nest. This church could not have afforded to utilize Dove’s Nest speakers and materials without the generous giving from donors like you. 

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