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Get Involved 

Like many nonprofit organizations, Dove’s Nest relies on volunteers who are committed to our mission to help with a variety of tasks and needs. From time to time special needs arise, but it’s often help with the “small things” that have big results. Would you be willing to help Dove’s Nest work toward our goal of keeping children and youth safe?

Here are some areas where Dove’s Nest could use your support:

  • Hold a dinner party or similar gathering to raise awareness and funds for Dove’s Nest.
  • Make posters about ways to keep children safe and post them around your church, school, or community.
  • Engage adults or youth in the Circle of Grace card/poster activity.
  • Develop worship resources, such as children’s stories or sermon outlines.
  • Contact churches regarding Circle of Grace.
  • Analyze the Dove’s Nest website for broken links or additional needed information.
  • Assist with recording videos for online distribution.
  • Write blogs or personal reflections for Dove’s Nest’s website and newsletter.
  • Search the web for church websites and children/youth pastor contacts.
  • Advocate for utilizing Dove’s Nest resources in your own faith community.
  • Host a training event at your faith community.
  • Contact churches to ask permission to post protection policies on Dove’s Nest’s website.
  • Search the web for possible grant opportunities.
  • Search the web for updated child abuse statistics.
  • Assist with fundraising efforts.
  • Develop marketing materials.
  • Assist with marketing and public relations efforts.
  • Develop resources for Child Abuse Prevention Month.
  • Use a calling list and script to contact churches about possible speaking and training opportunities.
  • Support Dove’s Nest while you shop on Amazon Smiles.
  • Give financially. 

You can also help us by distributing these lists to others who might be willing to share their skills with Dove's Nest.

Download a task list now:

1. Click Here to download the above list.

2. Child advocate professionals, Click Here to see how your skills can help Dove's Nest keep children and youth safe.